Take a Mental Health Break


Beat Breathing

Beat Breathing is a technique that utilizes deep breathing and biofeedback to relieve anxiety. By using deep breaths and counting heartbeats, you can manage stressful feelings, and feel your heartbeat regulate.

Box Breathing

Box Breathing is a form of deep breathing that can help alleviate feelings of anxiety, stress, and overwhelm through self-observation. Use this mindful breathing technique to eliminate shallow breathing and activate the relaxation parts of your brain.

Mindfulness Meditation

Self-care is necessary for everyone to help reduce stress and deal with anxiety. Follow this meditation exercise to learn simple techniques you can use each day to provide a moment of calm and compassion.

Ejercicio de Respiración

El ejercicio conocido por ‘Box Breathing’, es una forma de respiración profunda que puede ayudar a aliviar los sentimientos de ansiedad, estrés, y agobio (sobrecarga) mediante la auto-observación. Utilice esta técnica de respiración consciente para eliminar la respiración superficial y activar las partes de relajación de su cerebro.