This Week's Video Premiere:

Presence Over Presents:
Leaning Into the Best Part of the Holidays
In this video, we will cover:
- Finding appreciation for the small moments of joy the season brings us.
- How to practice mindfulness.
- Ways to find “presence” for yourself and for others.

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Expectations and Managing the Holiday Blues

This video featured the following topics:

  • Why we get the holiday blues and where they come from.
  • The holidays can ignite a pursuit of perfection. How to let go of unrealistic expectations.
  • Ways to approach the holidays when not everyone is on the same page.
  • How we can reclaim the joy of the season through connection and presence.

When Your Kids are Stressed During the Holiday

This video featured the following topics:

  • How to plan ahead to help your child manage anxiety.
  • Balancing busy schedules with connected family time.
  • Ways to take care of yourself so you can be more present when your child is stressed.

The Introvert During the Holidays

This video featured the following topics:

  • Setting boundaries on holiday expectations to prevent excess stress.
  • How to give yourself permission to say "no" to an event.
  • Ways to schedule a break for yourself can be at your best for everyone.
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